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Kash, famous for its luxury villas, did not pass the pandemic test: Vacationers brought a virus

At the beginning of the Corona virus epidemic in Antalya’s Kaş district and Mayor Mutlu Ulutaş, who did not have any incidents, ‘this year tourists do not come, we do not accept,’ he said, went to the orange category. Holidaymakers from outside are thought to bring the Kasha virus, a favorite of holidaymakers in luxury villas.

Kash district, known for its diving center and the natural beauty of Antalya, drew attention as the only area in the city where events did not occur at the beginning of the pandemic.
In order to maintain this situation in the district with a population of 60 thousand, Kaş Mayor Mutlu Ulutaş took a number of measures at that time and restricted the entry and exit of the district.
Despite being a tourist center, President Ulutas said at the time, “We recommend our guests not to come this season. We are waiting again after the pandemic, “he said.
Meanwhile, busy days were held in the district center. Many holidaymakers from major cities came to the area to spend the pandemic period in luxury villas here. In large cities where the rate of litigation is high, a large number of workers who manage their work ‘home offices’ came to Kaş, managed their work from these villas and were protected from both the holiday and the virus. However, today the region is in the orange category due to the large number of patients.
Kaş Mayor Mutlu Ulutaş, Kaş’a towards the summer months due to an increase in the number of events began to appear, he said.
Stating that the district goes back and forth between the yellow and orange categories, Ulutaş said, “When the geography is wide here, there is a lot of demand to come to Kaş. Accommodation options are very isolated, people stay in boutique hotels and villas. Natural isolation is provided. Spreads when there is interaction in areas of collective use. We have taken serious measures here, “he said.
Last year, he advised holidaymakers not to come, but this year there is no such situation, said Mayor Ulutas, taking into account the tourist season, they took all measures in the district, he said.
Tutku Demir, who works as a craftsman in the district, said that many people came from outside the city, “Home meetings should be held here as well. I think the virus is brought by people from outside the city. Everyone I spoke to said, “We’re worried, including me.”
Another businessman, Alparslan Akbayrak, said that despite the large number of incidents, measures are being taken.
Stressing his concern, Akbayrak said, “Unfortunately, people from outside the city brought it with them. The disease has spread to crowded grocery stores. We are a little worried. But lately, a little more attention has begun, “he said.

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