Koç Holding was the first local company to decide to include ‘Share Capital Indicators’ reports.

Koç Holding is the first local company to undertake Share Capitalism Indicators in its corporate reports, which were signed by participants at the World Economic Forum’s Davos Summit in January. Koch Group companies within the initiative; will be able to refer to these indicators in corporate reports and reports, such as annual indicators and sustainability reports.

“Shared Capitalism”, the definition of new capitalism written by the World Economic Forum in 2020, is based on creating a common and sustainable value for all stakeholders. Levent Cakiroglu, Chief Executive Officer of Koç Holding, “Our commitment to Share Capitalism Indicators; It will help us to share our activities and progress in the field of environment, social and corporate governance (ESG) in a transparent way. This commitment is a reflection of our commitment to integrating the vision of sustainability into all of our business strategies, operations and corporate reporting. he said.

How was it created?

The International Business Council, which represents participants from the World Economic Forum from the business world, has created the Shared Capitalism Indicators to compare progress in the field of sustainability between companies, develop decision-making mechanisms in this area and increase transparency. accountability for sustainable value created by companies.

What are Share Capitalism Indicators?

The World Economic Forum, along with four major audit firms, has unveiled a “stakeholder capitalism account card” that can measure companies’ non-financial environmental and social performance in general. Indicators have four areas to track and measure success: human, planetary, welfare, and governance principles.

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