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Last year, Dutch MP Marcel Stemaan pointed out that LEGO sets do not have bicycle lanes. Speaking to Dutch News, Stemaan described his situation while playing LEGO with his children: “There were LEGO cyclists there, but I was wondering where they could ride. If you are Dutch, you are used to cycling. ”

The work didn’t stop there, Stemaan added the proposal to LEGO Ideas. As you know, LEGO Ideas is a valued platform to turn the opinions of LEGO fans into real LEGO products. Simply called Bike Lanes, the project aims to make LEGO a bicycle-friendly city.

Bike Strips to make LEGO cities bike friendly

Bicycle lanes; It consists of adjustable tracks, bike racks, several different bikes and a cargo bike based on a standard LEGO bike. A broken bicycle repaired by a driver, a bicycle with a child seat and a bicycle with a front trunk are some of the highlights. The locks on the bike parts are made of classic LEGO style clamps. Some of the drivers are also seen wearing helmets. There is also a sign indicating that the speed limit is 30.

Bicycle lanes

LEGO gives projects 60 days to reach the 100-fan target, but Bike Lanes collected that support in just four hours. The idea will be subject to expert scrutiny after gaining 10,000 supporters. With the contribution of news in this regard, the bill now has more than 3,000 supporters (597 days before the end of voting).

To allow future generations to pedal more reliably

Extensive use of bicycles, respect for cyclists by other drivers in traffic, and road safety for cyclists are still issues to be addressed. Neither the infrastructure offered by the states nor the ratio of compliance with traffic rules is at the desired level. Although the pandemic has brought more cyclists to the world and to our country, there are still not enough roads and rules to protect these drivers. Bicycle lanes are new in our country and traffic is full of great dangers for cyclists. As a cycling enthusiast, I hope that thanks to projects like Bike Lanes, future generations will have a greater preference for bicycles and will have the opportunity to ride their bikes with pleasure without experiencing the challenges we face.

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Bicycle lanes

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