Living the Moment in the Horrors of Being

The concept of being is one of the topics that the animated universe can best manage thanks to its great expression. Have Heart was one of the most memorable works in this sense, depicting human life with a GIF life stuck in an endless loop. I can’t get past the short animations like Five Minutes on the Beach, NOSIS, which explores the story of a child with a super nose, and The Lonely Orbit, which deals with loneliness. up to a satellite. Now he will plunge us all into deep thought, and from there he will bring us to the surface and breathe. 15:45 Another movie is here.

Deep thoughts that overshadow a good Sunday

The consciousness of modern man is very good at dragging him to terrible thoughts and worries about being. So much so that our consciousness became a curse. We fail to live in the present because we think about the past or the future, because we are aware of how mortal we are. We want to live in the moment and offer ourselves that way, but most of the time we can’t stop thinking about ourselves. Here, Alisha Liu’s signature at 15:45 allows someone who thinks a lot about existence and a friend to see this duality within us by directing them to live in the moment.

On Sunday afternoon, our main character in the meadows in Central Park; the meaning of life is plunged into the abyss of insignificance about the insignificance of man, and certainly of no importance. As this character speaks, the bigger picture inside becomes wider, and as a result, we begin to look at the world from space. With the intervention of a friend, our character begins to emerge from this bottomless pit, and as we approach the world, we return to the park area, where daily life flows quietly.


Alisha Liu, who lives in Los Angeles, made the film in her second year at CalArts (California Art Institute). The film, which aired on Vimeo two weeks ago, was featured in Staff Pick. You can follow Liu’s work on the website and on Instagram.

Credit: Vimeo

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