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Magazine and art tour (April 30, 2021)

What developments have taken place in the agenda of magazines and art in Turkey and the world on April 30, 2021? Art and magazines, latest developments and more noteworthy news … Here is a daily tour of magazines and art that you should not miss in a hurry …

Irina Shayk’s Street Style World-famous model Irina Shayk appeared on the streets of New York. After a two-day check-up, Sheikh took his daughter for a walk and met Bradley Cooper yesterday. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Reaction to Bollywood stars in India: You went on vacation when the country died. In India, which is experiencing its deadliest day since the start of the pandemic, celebrities are angry at the lack of oxygen and medical supplies. There is a reaction to Bollywood stars going on vacation abroad in the dying country. Details of the news – read
The coin, which represents the wolf figures of Queen Elizabeth, is the largest coin ever produced in England. It took 400 hours to make 10 kilograms of gold coins. The coin has the figures of 10 monsters of Queen Elizabeth. These monsters are known as statues of ten dynasties representing the family tree of Elizabeth. NEWS DETAILS – Read
In the case of rape, Cristiano Ronaldo demanded compensation of 56.5 million pounds. Claimant of rape against Portuguese star football player Cristiano Ronaldo, former model Kathryn Mayorga’dan demanded compensation of 56.5 million pounds.
Fazil Say: I feel that Ali Koç is the most depressed. World-famous pianist Fazil Say, “I will continue to support Ali Koç. He looks beautiful and believes. I feel that he is most depressed and looking for solutions in a hopeless situation.” NEWS DETAILS – Read
Nusret, which opened its fifth restaurant in the United States in Beverly Hills, Nusret Gokce, which serves 23 restaurants in 6 countries and 2,000 employees, opened 24 restaurants in Beverly Hills. With the opening of this restaurant, Nusret increased its number in America to five. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Halil Sezai: Prison is good. Halil Sezai Paracıkoğlu, who was sentenced to 1 year 11 months 17 days in prison and 43 days in prison for beating his neighbor, said, “I did not have a hard time in prison.” It may be absurd, but it was good. I read a book all day. I thought about how I came to this situation. “. FEATURES
Woman arrested for handing over Lady Gaga’s dogs Star singer Lady Gaga’s dogs have been arrested for handing over their dogs to police after they were abducted. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Justin Bieber, accused of cultural misappropriation, has been criticized for cultural misappropriation after Justin Bieber straightened his hair.
Former national footballer Christoph Metzelder has confessed to the murder of former national footballer Christoph Metzelder, who was accused of possessing a video of a child sex crime and sending it to third parties. “I have committed a deep moral crime, I accept the punishment,” Metzelder told the court. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Survivor Ismail Balaban spoke about his fiancé and mother: I have to listen to both sides Survivor broke his silence in 2021 after talking about Ismail Balaban and his mother Umm Gulsum Balaban and his fiancée Gamze Atakan. Survivor Ismail said, “If I talk to Gamze now, I don’t know if it will be resolved. I have to listen to both sides. If I talk to Gamze without talking to my mother, it won’t be true. I don’t know what to do.” NEWS SEPARATE – CLICK HERE
Kirk Douglas’s wife, producer Anne Douglas, has died. Michael Douglas’s veteran mother, the stepmother of veteran actor Kirk Douglas, has died. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Melisa Sözen: We are safe behind The survivors of the coronavirus, which affects millions of people around the world, are well-known names in the world of art, entertainment and sports. Some describe a tremor they have never seen before, while others describe it in pain. There are those who say he still coughs in the morning and points to social isolation. Finally, Melisa Sozen and her boyfriend Harun Tekin announced that she was behind the disease. Details about Sözen’s health status and other popular names that beat the corona virus … FEATURES DETAILS – READ CLICK HERE
Another allegation from Buse Terim Buse Terim, Ercan S.-Ye filed a lawsuit against him for allegedly insulting on social media. Details of the news – read
Oprah Winfrey spoke about her traumatic past: My back was covered in blood from a whip, the famous American talk show host Oprah Winfrey, Turkish doctor Mehmet Oz participated in a television program and said that she was subjected to domestic violence as a child. Oprah Winfrey said her grandmother, with whom she had lived together for some time as a child, beat her with a stick and a whip, and said, “I’m still in pain.” NO DETAILS – READ AND CLICK
Although she wanted to be a choreographer from law class to a Hollywood star, Gal Gadot, whose life changed when she was elected Miss Israel in 2004, began her career as a model. Despite reading the law against his plans, his two years of compulsory service in the Israeli army not only caught the attention of producer and director Justin Lin, but also opened the doors of Hollywood for him. Known for his role in the fast and furious film, Gadot topped the universe with the Wonder Woman motherboard he played in the DC Universe. Gal Gadot, one of the most powerful actresses in cinema and one of the most successful actresses of recent years, is celebrating her 36th birthday today. Here are the most interesting moments of Gal Gadot’s 36-year-old films and performances on the red carpet, and those who are interested in them.
The semi-final and final audience at Eurovision have been given the green light by the Dutch government, producers and project leaders to give the green light to the rehearsals and finals of the 65th Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. Details of the news – read
8,000-year-old rock paintings were found in a cave in Mersin, a cave in the central district of Mersin, the figures were estimated to be about 8 thousand years old. Archaeologists were fascinated by the animal figures on the rocks. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Paper House Episode 3 Photos: A new move from Cihan and Aylin Star’s new series ‘Paper House’ meets the audience on Mondays. Starring; Erdal Beşikçioğlu, Nur Fettahoğlu, Tuvana Türkay, Can Nergis and Nihal Koldaş, such important names as ‘Paper House’, will be in the Star on Monday, April 26. Here’s what will happen in the new section and in the photos … DETAILS – Read
Luca’s trailer has been shared with Luca, a new-generation animated film co-produced with Pixar and Disney. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Judgment in the lawsuit between Şehrazat and Acun İlıcalı Famous composer and lyricist Şehrazat’s lawsuit against Acun Media and TV 8 channel, claiming that his works were used without permission in television programs, the court rejected the lawsuit when the parties reached a compromise. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Ayazini, which is thousands of years old, is being removed. The project to build the village of Ayazini in Afinkarahisar, which dates back thousands of years to the Hittite, Roman and Seljuk periods, has come to an end. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Women from Kars lit an oven for local delicacies during Ramadan; One of the indispensable flavors of the Eastern Anatolia Region, pretzels and tea prepared in a pot, oven, decorate iftar and sahur tables in the month of Ramadan. Women in the Akyaka district of Kars, where tandoor use is most prevalent, have a tradition of cooking in the tandoor during the month of Ramadan. Details of the news – read
Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Erzincan Kemaliye Historic City and Mardin Midyat Area (Tur Abdin) Late Ancient and Medieval Churches-Monasteries have been added to the World Heritage List. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Daily horoscope (30.04.2021) The Sun goes hand in hand with a suicide bomb called Uranus. A day open to heart problems, blood pressure and events. NEWS RELEASE – Read
Who won the prize game in Survivor, what did Ismail Balaban do? (April 29, 2021 details) Who won the prize game and tell me about Survivor, the answers to Ismail Balaba’s questions about his mother and fiancé have been revealed. In the last episode of Survivor, where Berkay and Batuhan were chosen as captains, the volunteer group won the prize game and Tell Me About Him. Ismail Balaman, who was on the agenda with his speech with his mother after the communication award, announced that he was in a difficult situation and sent a message to his family.

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