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Magazine and art tour (April 6, 2021)

April 6, 2021, What happened in the magazine and art developments on the agenda in Turkey and around the world? Latest news about art and magazines, latest developments and more … Here is a daily tour of magazines and art that you should not miss in a hurry …

Ozzy Osbourne: I shoot animals with a rifle British singer and songwriter Ozzy Osbourne, known as the ‘father of metal music’, said he shot cats and birds in the garden of his Los Angeles home. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Breast cancer, my manager Ara’s Ferisi, my manager Ara’ra Feris portrayed the image of Canan Ergüder’s first statement, the popular TV series Star TV, was caught with breast cancer. The 43-year-old actress has begun treatment. The 43-year-old player made a statement about his health on his Instagram account. NEWS DETAILS – READ AND CLICK HERE
Rihanna, in protest of the hatred of Asia Famous singer Rihanna, joined the protesters protesting against racist violence against Asians living in America. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Bige Önal’dan first message after the death of his father Erhan Önal: Actor Bige Önal, one of the most memorable players in Turkish football, Erhan Önal posted a photo with his father for the first time after his death on social media. “As a child, I always looked at the doors, I wouldn’t close my eyes until you came. I will always be at the door until I see you,” Onal wrote in a childhood photo taken with his father. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Turkish Wrestling Federation Vice President Sureya Ismail Balaban participating contestants Yahurtists Ismail Balaban called Vice President of the Turkish Wrestling Federation Sureya Yogurtcu, Survivor Kirkpınar Başpehlivan AnlArIndAn Ismail Balaban called for more: “The news
Joe Biden and Jill Biden bring back the Easter rabbit to the White House US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden brought the rabbit mascot, the symbol of the holiday, to the White House to celebrate Easter. The Easter bird was not brought to the White House due to an epidemic last year. NEWS DETAILS – Read
A 58-year-old man suspected of stealing the paintings of famous artist Vincent Van Gogh and Frans Hals has been arrested in Baarn, the Netherlands, on suspicion of stealing Van Gogh’s “Spring Garden” painting. NEWS DETAILS – Read
The cost of the Pharaohs’ Golden Gate show in Egypt is 10 million TL. The cost of moving 18 mummies and 4 queen mummies from a museum in Cairo to a new museum in Giza with a procession called the Golden Gate has been announced. Pharaohs in Egypt – Read
Bernard Tapie and his wife were attacked by thieves Famous French businessman Bernard Tapie and his wife Dominique Tapie were attacked by thieves entering their homes. Angered by not being able to find the jewelry box in the house, the thieves beat the Tapie couple and tied them with a cable. NEWS RELEASE – CLICK TO READ
Jennifer Lopez shook Miami The world-famous singer Jennifer Lopez appeared on the beaches of Miami for a magazine. Lopez also posted these poses on social media. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Ajda Pekkan explained her health condition as follows: I don’t like excitement, I’m fine Ajda Pekkan, who underwent knee surgery, has recovered. “I don’t like the excitement, I’m fine,” said the Superstar, who said he would continue his music education after a break. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Michael D’Antonio: Donald Trump’s Obese Elvis Age Begins Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and writer Michael D’Antonio, Donald Trump’s latest remarks, “I saw myself as an Elvis-style character. Unfortunately, the Obesity Elvis era has begun.” NEWS DETAILS – CLICK HERE READ
The blonde Penelope Cruz first appeared on the set of Pedro Almodovar’s new Parallel Mothers in her new film Penelope Cruz. Cruz, who was on the set of the new film for the first time, drew attention with his blonde appearance. There are other celebrities, such as Cruz, whose certain condition is reflected in the lens. Here are the shots of famous actors … DREAMS SEPARATE – READ CLICK
Kubilay Aka, Çukurlu Celasun, Kubilay Aka, who gave life to the character of Celasun for four seasons in the series Çukur, said goodbye to the series. Aka, who left the project due to the script, posted goodbye photos and messages with Aka. Here are those shares … NEWS DETAILS – Read
Hunter Biden talks about his relationship with his sister-in-law Hallie, Hunter Biden, the son of US President Biden, broke his silence about his relationship with his sister-in-law live: It was a grief we both shared. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Godzilla vs Kong breaks pandemic era Godzilla vs Kong earned $ 48.5 million in the first five days of its vision, including Easter weekend in the United States, which was the brightest opening performance of the pandemic era.
Ibrahim Büyükak and Nurdan Büyükak’s babies’ names were announced Ibrahim Büyükak and Nurdan Büyükak, who are experiencing the excitement of a baby for the first time, announced the names of their babies. The couple will name their babies Lion. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Plastic fountain on the Roman wall It turned out that Roman artifacts found in the Korkuteli region of Antalya were used as a wall, drilled with a drill, a crane was installed and plaster and paint were applied on it. The village headman said, “The village needed a spring. We did not do it with bad intentions. When asked by the teams, they found such a solution. ”MESSAGE DETAILS – CLICK HERE TO READ
Black Widow’s new trailer has released a trailer for Black Widow’s solo story of Natasha Romanoff saying goodbye to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Avengers: Endgame.
Collected waste works of art become fantastic movies, and the “Post-Doomsday” Art Movement, which has received great interest in literature in recent years, strives for success artists and practitioners in Turkey, turning stone, glass, bone, collected waste materials into works of art like metal. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Loki’s first long trailer The first long trailer from Marvel’s Loki series has been released. The series starring Tom Hiddleston will meet the audience on June 11.
Actor Erkan Kolçak Köstendil will appear as a narrator in the performance of Soldier’s Story composed by Igor Stravinsky. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Taste discussion in the liver: Is it fried liver? Liver dish? The discussion on social media about the taste of fried liver and swollen liver resonated. Edirne, a major contributor to the city where festivals are held and a huge pan monument is erected, brings great dynamism to gastronomic tourism. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Rod Stewart (76), who owes mayonnaise to his iconic hair, turned out to be wearing mayonnaise to straighten his hair. The British singer is not the first celebrity to reveal the secret of care. Here are the strange beauty secrets preferred by famous names. NEWS DETAILS – READ AND CLICK HERE
Following the Film Days on the Importance of Refugees and Migrants’ Access to Health Services, the World Health Organization’s First Person After Days Film Festival, organized by the World Health Organization in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the European Union, has started online. NEWS DETAILS – Read
New group exhibition at Yapı Kredi bomontiada: Holding on Yapı Kredi bomontiada, Holding is hosting a group exhibition called Holding, which features works by thirteen artists from different periods from April 8 to May 8, 2021. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Dance in the epidemic turned into a real masked ball In Italy, despite the application of quarantine rules due to the coronavirus epidemic, dancers were allowed to train because it was considered in the national interest. For the Italian championship in July, dancers between the ages of nine and 76 dance according to the rules of the mask, although they are not socially distant. NEWS DETAILS – Read
A promotional film was made for a film about the Battle of Miryokefalon In Isparta, a promotional film was made for a film about the 1176 Miryokefalon War. Filming will begin if the promotional work is approved by the General Directorate of Cinema. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Malatya Paper Kebab was recorded Paper kebab, which is one of the most popular flavors of Malatya, was registered as ‘Malatya Paper Kebab’ by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Thor star Chris Hemsworth: If I lost weight and lost weight for the role, it would be called a “serious actor,” said Chris Hemsworth, who is known for giving life to the character of superhero Thor, said intense training for the role was “accepted.” show show ‘. “I would call him a serious player,” he said. NEWS DETAILS – Read
The master is commemorated on the 5th anniversary of Ulku Erakal’s death. Five years have passed since the death of director, producer, screenwriter and actor Ulku Erakal, who produced numerous works, including Yeşilçam Caddesi, Sen Varsan, Under the Stars and Eyes. NEWS DETAILS – Read
The Moon is in Aquarius / Daily Horoscope (April 6, 2021) Today is not an emotional day. So pay attention to these issues! NEWS DETAIL – Read
Which team won the award and the basketball game in Survivor? (Survivor April 5, 2021) Survivor experienced the excitement of the prize game last night. After the prize race, which was published with the presentation of Acun Ilıcalı, the opponents sweated against Acun Media with a basketball game. Which team won the Survivor April 5 prize game? Who won the basketball game in Survivor? Here is what happened on April 5, Survivor and other details of the week … NEWS DETAIL – Read

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