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Magazine and art tour (February 26, 2021)

February 26, 2021, What happened to the development of magazines and art on the agenda in Turkey and around the world? Art and magazines, recent developments and more noteworthy news … Here is a magazine and art tour consisting of things you should not miss in a daily hurry …

Kivanc Tatlitug’s new series was allegedly preferred to use his own vehicle instead of the caravan allocated by the set due to the corona virus in the film crew. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Lady Gaga’s dogs were abducted by shooting Ryan Fischer, who was responsible for keeping Lady Gaga’s dogs in Italy, and were attacked in Los Angeles. Two unidentified men shot Fischer in the chest and abducted two dogs. Gaga offered to pay half a million dollars in ransom to thieves who stole their dogs. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Lady Gaga’s shooting moment on a dog caretaker Lady Gaga’s three French bulldogs walking officer images of the attack appeared. The attackers, who hit an officer named Ryan Fischer in the chest and stole two of the three dogs, quickly drove away from the scene in their car. NEWS DETAILS – CLICK TO FOLLOW
Istanbul Cinema Museum Photographs Historical Atlas Cinema and Istanbul Cinema Museum are opening their doors in Beyoğlu, where restoration work has been completed. Here are photos from Turkey’s first cinema museum … FEATURES – CLICK HERE
Cardi B criticizes fashion industry: Salary inequality Cardi B said he was paid less than his white peers in the music and fashion industry.
$ 25,000 needed for works of art damaged in Congress raid In the United States, $ 25,000 must be spent to repair works damaged during the January 6 raid on the Congress building. NEWS RELEASE – CLICK HERE
Jane Fonda: I’m tired of dyeing my hair Jane Fonda, who no longer dyes her hair, explained why she made this decision on a TV show, “I spent a lot of time dyeing my hair, I spent a lot of money, I used a lot of chemicals. I’m tired of it. “
Kenan Doğuludan Beren Saata: I love you, algae-eyed singer Kenan Doğulu celebrated the birthday of his wife Beren Saat with a romantic sharing. “I love you, algae eyes,” said Doğulu, who presented his 37-year-old Saatla’s photos to his followers. FEATURES – SEARCH
Kanye West’s election expenses announced in the US presidential election 0.3 percent dreams of rapper Kanye West falling with the White House campaign budget announced by the Federal Election Commission. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Cuneyt Arkin: I’m afraid of losing my wife as much as I’m not afraid of anything Yeşilçam’s master player Cüneyt Ark shared his biggest fear on social media: I’m afraid of losing my wife I’m not afraid of anything.
After Angelina Jolie’s $ 25 million home left Brad Pitt, she spent $ 25 million on a luxury mansion to stay with her six children. Formerly home to stars such as Natalie Portman, Kristen Stewart and Casey Affleck, the house now has every opportunity for Jolie and her children to live out of sight. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Ambassador’s Daughter Ambassador’s Daughter’s 42nd new episode photos will be on the Star screen with a new episode on Monday, March 1st. In the 42nd episode of Ambassador’s Daughter, Sanjar begins to fight with all his might to get her back and take control. Hearing what was happening, Mavi was overwhelmed and took a deep breath. Here is the new episode and photos of Ambassador’s Daughter … HAYARAT DETAL – READ AND CLICK
The naming suit from Tema Park to Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift and Tema Park, which have the same name as the Evermore album, have been sued for title and license rights. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Guernica’s tapestry removed from wall at UN entrance Pablo Picasso’s tapestry against Guernica has been removed from the 36-year-old wall at the entrance to the United Nations Security Council to ensure peace and security.
Preparing to become a mother Emily Ratajkowski’s book My Body Famous model Emily Ratajkowski spent her pregnancy days writing a book while preparing for motherhood. The famous model’s book “My Body” will be released next year. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Roman amphorae were attached to fish nets. In the Persembe district of the army, fishermen floating in the sea were caught in the nets of fishermen of about a thousand years and 13 amphorae. It belongs to the Roman period. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Mevlut Cavusoglu, Hungarian Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu was overthrown to bring 412 historical monuments in Turkey, Hungarian Foreign and Foreign Trade Minister Peter Szijjarto, who was arrested 6 years ago, brought the Hungarian customs to 412. NEWS DETAILS – Read
2021 Golden Globe Award Forecasts The recall of the Golden Globe Awards, seen as a harbinger of the Oscars, has begun. Movie and entertainment magazine Variety has announced its predictions for the 2021 Golden Globe Awards, which will find its owners on the night of February 28. NEWS DETAILS – Read
Two years have passed since the death of theater, film and serial actor Aytaç Arman.
I’ve been waiting for you 5, new episode 3. Fragman in the lead roles; Star TV’s 5 new episodes of the new series featuring Özcan Deniz and Irem Helvacıoğlu and the third episode of the new episode of Star TV read by Nil Burak also left the beginning. NEWS DETAILS – CLICK TO FOLLOW
Mike Tyson calls for boycott of Iron Mike Former American boxer Mike Tyson has called for a boycott of the mini-series Hulu’s life. NEWS RELEASE – READ CLICK HERE
The 42nd new series of the Ambassador’s Daughter Engin Akyurek and Tuba Büyüküstü starring Engin Akyurek and Tuba Büyüküstü and the 42nd new trailer of the popular Ambassador’s Daughter series have been released.
Lucy Mecklenburgh: My baby was drowned by a piece of apple Famous star Lucy Mecklenburgh, excited to be a mother for the first time, said that her 11-month-old son Roman is on the verge of death because of a piece. apple. “It was horrible. Now I’m worried my baby won’t eat anything,” said Mecklenburgh, who said her baby was safe from suffocation. NO DETAILS – READ AND CLICK
Prison in Sivas turns into a museum In Sivas, Sultan II. Efforts are underway to turn the Hamidiyya School, built by Abdulhamit as a school and used as a prison for 58 years after the 60th coup, into a museum. DETAILS OF LATEST NEWS – Read
Barış Falay (Kıraç), Canan Ergüder (Feris), Fatih Artman (Çınar), Ahsen Eroğlu (Dicle), Deniz Can Aktas (Barış) and Ayşenil Şamlıoğlu (Peride) starring Ulduz TV 27. new episode trailer Manager Search new series new episode trailer has been released. NEWS DETAILS – CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW
Who won the prize game in Survivor? (Details February 25, 2021) Who won the prize game and tell me about Survivor? The answers to the questions have been announced. Volunteer group award Ismail and Yunus Emre won the team captain in the 35th episode, which was broadcast on February 25. To the competition; The tension between Dogan, Dora and Call was marked. The celebrity team won the fun challenge of the day, Let’s see. FEATURES – Read
Ideal day for media and advertisers / Daily horoscope – February 26, 2021, the Moon in Leo, may be a more attractive color day. Ideal for promotion and self-expression. NEWS DETAILS – Read

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