Microsoft announces Digital Control Survey; Turkey was the 5 countries that showed the most improvement

The results of the annual Digital Courtesy Survey 2020, conducted by Microsoft, have been announced. Turkey was the most developed country compared to last year.

The results of the Digital Courtesy Survey 2020, conducted annually by Microsoft since 2016, have been announced. Research has shown that the kindness shown by people on the digital platform has increased compared to recent years, but still 4 out of 10 people are victims of cyberbullying.

The study, conducted with more than 58,000 people in more than 30 countries, drew more attention at a time when everyone is turning to the digital platform more because of the pandemic. Noting the courtesy shown by Turkey last year, there were 5 countries that showed the best development questionnaire.

The most troubling problem was the “trolls” in Turkey

As part of Microsoft’s Digital Kindness Survey, thousands of people were asked how much time they spent on digital platforms, how well they followed the rules of etiquette, and how much they were exposed to cyber-violence, both at work and in everyday life.

According to the survey, the most successful countries in terms of courtesy are the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore and Taiwan.

Among the most polite young people between the ages of 13 and 17, 4 out of 10 were victims of cyberbullying, and most were found to have escaped by blocking the other side.

5. Digital courtesy countries have shown that 68% of users in Turkey have improved the most, faced disturbing developments within the digital platform in 2020, and was a troll at the beginning of this event. Other troubling messages after trolls in our country were sexual content.

Owners are exposed to cyber violence

In interviews conducted as part of the Digital Surveillance Survey, 1 in 8 people reported being subjected to cyberbullying by colleagues, managers and customers in the workplace. Worst of all, 60% of victims of cyberbullying are reluctant to report it to the authorities, and 38% report that the violence took place both on the digital platform and in the workplace.

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