Mobile phone prices have risen, clone sales have exploded!

Those who have difficulty buying a mobile phone due to high exchange rates and tax rates due to price increases and reduced number of installments “cloneIMEI number “applied to phones designated as modified or copied. MOBISAD President Mustafa Kemal TurnaciDespite the fact that 10 million units were sold in retail outlets in 2020, more than 2 million cloned mobile phones were sold and the economic loss was 2 billion pounds, he said.

Although the coronavirus epidemic caused sales losses in many regions, mobile phone sales were successful during this period, reaching 10 million 500 thousand units. However, the impact of the exchange rate increase, combined with high taxes and installment restrictions, has led to an increase in sales of cloned phones, which means electronic identification (IMEI number) of a modified or copied device.

According to the world newspaper Yener Karadeniz; In 2020, with the average price of mobile phones exceeding 3,600 pounds, cloned phone sales exceeded 2 million units.

With this application to illegally imported devices, the consumer in the first stage gets a price advantage of up to 3040 percent, the country is experiencing a tax loss of about 2 billion TL each year. On the other hand, the user must update the cloning process at short intervals.

A 2-year limit must be applied

Mustafa Kemal Turnac─▒, chairman of the Mobile Communications and Information Technology Businessmen’s Association (MOBISAD), said rules should be applied to the sector to prevent the sale of cloned phones and the security of old mobile phone identities should be ensured.

Turnist, “There is a significant amount of information on devices sold in the last 7 years. We have spare phones in our drawers and IMEI numbers are stolen without our knowledge. The state must ensure that the IMEI number is not stolen, it must be guaranteed. We want to remove devices that have not received a signal for 7 years from the pool for 2 years. Unregistered cloning can be solved in the simplest way in this way. This will contribute to both the citizens and the country, and annual sales will increase from 10 million 500 thousand to 13 million. As a result of this measure, 2 billion TL of additional tax revenue will be provided.“he said.

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