New footage of the congressional crackdown has surfaced in Trump’s impeachment operation

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As part of the hearing of the impeachment hearing against US President Donald Trump began, prosecutors and impeachment process officials used previously undisclosed footage of Trump’s January 6 attack on the Congress building.

As executors of the impeachment process opened the footage, the Senate General Assembly hall was filled with the screams of the attackers who raided again.

The new footage showed a police officer being attacked and approached by a group of former Vice President Mike Pence and some members of Congress who were looking for him.

Pence became a target of some Trump supporters when he opposed Trump’s plan not to accept the end of the election, when he served as right-hand man for four years. During the recording, several members of the group entering the Capitol were heard chanting “Hang Mike Pence.”

Democratic impeachment leaders said what happened was a “predictable” result of Trump’s struggle to change the election results. Officials also claimed that Trump wanted this result.

How will the process continue?

Hearings and oral debates will begin in the coming period. Members of the House of Representatives, acting as lawyers and prosecutors, will have 16 hours over two days to present their arguments. After the senators ask the parties questions, witnesses will testify and relevant documents will be submitted.

Prosecutors and defense will begin the decision process after making this final argument. The majority in the Senate is currently Democrat, but both parties have 50 senators. On an equal footing, Democrats are largely supported by Vice President Kamala Harris, who serves as Senate President. But a simple majority is not enough to convict a current or former president, and two-thirds of senators need a vote. That’s why at least 17 Republicans must vote against the former leader to judge Trump. This is considered a low probability. Two-thirds of the Senate will be acquitted if they do not support Trump.

If Trump is found guilty, a vote will be taken to prevent Trump from taking office in the future. If an absolute majority votes in this vote, Trump will not be able to hold an official position again.

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