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A study by the President’s Office of Digital Transformation said that digital devices can cause mental and physical discomfort when used for long periods of time and unsupervised.

According to the study, about 33 percent of the day is spent on the Internet, 12 percent on social media. According to Hürriyet’s report, the study also revealed new social media concerns. Some of them are:

EGO SURFING: The search engine is constantly self-searching disease. In such a situation, the social media user is constantly looking for his name in the search engine, wondering what happened to him in the digital world.

PHOTOGRAPHY: In the “photolurking” disease, which is a combination of the words photo and lurker in English, a social media user inadvertently looks at other people’s pictures for hours.

SIBERHONDRIC: Search for disease and treatment on the Internet. In this disease, a person searches the Internet and tries to diagnose and treat the disease he thinks.

NOMOPHOBI: The feeling of fear and anxiety experienced in the absence of means of communication was called “nomophobia”. In this disease, which is an acronym for “no cell phone” in English, social media users are concerned about the lack of access devices such as phones and tablets.


The study also covered concerns about the use of a mouse and keyboard. There may be nerve compression when using the mouse and keyboard, there may be numbness and pain in the wrists and fingers. It was noted that these pains are sensitive and should be treated with care.

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