Go FlyEase:Nike’s First Handless Shoe

We are at a time when sneakers are literally becoming our limbs. With the rise of the healthy lifestyle trend, sneakers have become one of the most important parts of both our lives and our lifestyle. Therefore, we face various innovations in this field, from herbal LEGO to health care workers, to the effects of doping. Nike’s first silent sneakers were announced yesterday Get FlyEase It was a very impressive model.

Priority Nike members for Go FlyEase

To be able to wear without bending the legs and rubbing the hands; An innovation that can appeal to many people, young and old, who suffer from hygiene paranoia due to the epidemic of disabilities. Nike said that Nike members will be given priority to access the shoes and will come on sale very soon. It will be presented to a wider audience at the end of the year.

The key to freeing your hands on this model is the “double fixation mechanism” that allows the shoe to be fully open and fully closed. The user can leave the shoe in a stable and open position when removing it, thanks to the pull-up strap and double fixing mechanism. When you want to use the shoes again, you can lock the system by pressing on the back of the sole.

For the color palette of Nike shoes, he said, he combined the soft pastel colors of the sunrise with the eye-catching colors of the city’s night scene. Go FlyEase responds to as wide an active lifestyle as possible. According to Nike, this shoe can be used with the full hands of a student or parent, starting with the champion Paralympic fencer Bebe Vio.

Visual: Nike

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