Nobel Prize ceremony ‘Blue Salon’ becomes a vaccination center


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Following the Nobel Prizes awarded in Sweden every December, it has been announced that the “blue hall” of the Stockholm Municipality, where the banquet will be held, will become a temporary vaccination center.

Located in the Stockholm Municipal Palace in Sweden and hosting a large reception for about 1,300 people after the Nobel Prize on December 10 each year, the ‘blue salon’ will be turned into a temporary vaccination center.

Anna K├Ânig, Stockholm City Spokeswoman, “The vaccination process will be very difficult. Large areas such as the ‘blue salon’ in Stockholm Municipality are suitable for vaccination.” he said. In addition to the blue gym, all gyms in the city will be used as temporary vaccination centers.

Norway has decided to close its border with Sweden as part of a fight against a new mutation in Covid-19.

The Nobel Prize ceremony, which aims to reward those who serve humanity, has been canceled for the first time since 1956 due to a pandemic. In a ceremony held in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, in the second week of December each year, it was determined that it could not be held due to the epidemic, and Nobel Prizes were awarded to six branches each year.

The Nobel Prize was last abolished in 1956 in protest of the Soviet Union’s presence in Hungary.


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