Norway is discussing this: the body of a man who died nine years ago was found in his apartment in the capital

Norwegian police said the body of a man was found in an apartment in the country’s capital, Oslo. An unnamed 60-year-old man has been found dead for nine years.

According to the state broadcaster NRK, the man was married more than once and had children.

Neighbors said the dead man was generally on his way and thought he had been evacuated or taken to an institution when he was not seen.

The incident happened when the secretary of the apartment informed the police after no one could be found in the apartment to repair the building.

However, police believe he died in April 2011 due to a carton of milk and a letter found in a man’s apartment. The autopsy showed that he died of natural causes.


On the other hand, it turned out that the Norwegian Office of Labor and Welfare (NAV) stopped its pension in 2018 when it could not contact the man, but continued to pay its invoices automatically from the bank account.

Oslo police inspector Grete Lien Metlid and her colleagues said they had been discussing for a long time how anyone could stay dead without telling anyone.


“It was a special situation and it led us to ask questions about how it could have happened. According to the picture we got, he was someone who openly chose to communicate very little with others,” he said.

Arne Krokan, a professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, said that if a person had died 30 years ago, his death would not have been found for nine years. Krokan argued that the situation was a result of new technology systems reducing physical contact between members of society.


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