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One of the first dwellings in history: Avdalaz Fortress

The 5,000-year-old Avdalaz Fortress, carved in tuff rock in the 3,000-year-old Phrygian Valley, attracts attention with its architectural structure. At a height of about 30 meters, the castle can be seen from the air by a drone, enchanting those who see it with its unparalleled beauty.

Avdalaz Castle, located in Ihsaniye district of Afyonkarahisar, Ayazini village of Phrygia Valley, on the borders of Afyonkarahisar, Eskisehir and Kütahya, attracts great interest of foreign tourists.
It is known that the structure, which is in the form of a rock mass with a cistern with a multi-storey and multi-room structure, is carved into tuff rock and used as a living space. It is known that the building, which is almost one of the first apartments in history with its multi-storey structure, was used as a fortress during the Phrygian period.
The building, which is about 30 meters high, is reached by a ladder from the inside. Although known as 10 floors, the building consists of 5 floors and many rooms on each floor. Ayazini Village Mayor Bekir Yilmaz, in a statement, said that the castle is known among the people as a 10-storey apartment.
Yilmaz noted that the castle was used in the Phrygian, Roman and Byzantine periods. Stating that the castle is of great interest to foreign tourists coming to the region, Yilmaz said, “The value of a visit is really important. It attracts a lot of attention from tourists. Although stagnant due to the pandemic, local and foreign tourists come between 200-250 per day. Hopefully, we will promote our village more and attract more tourists. Tourists are surprised to see such a mysterious place in Afyon. “The region is worth seeing with its history, nature and atmosphere.”

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