Piles of resin from the Mediterranean hit the beach

In Israel, pieces of resin from the Mediterranean hit a 190-kilometer coastline.

The Israeli Department of Nature and Parks described the incident as one of the biggest environmental disasters in the country’s history.

NGOs said oiled turtles and dead birds were found on the beaches.

There is a concern that the cleaning of resin piles will take months or even years.


Thousands of volunteers and soldiers are taking part in the work to clean the beaches.

In addition, people were asked to stay away from beaches.

It is still unknown where the resin tubers came from. Israeli officials are considering whether the items came from a ship.

The source of the tar could be unloaded from a boat about 50 kilometers away during the February 11 storm.

Satellite images and wave models are used to track the ship in charge.

Israeli experts dissect a dead whale found on February 18, 2021Getty Images

Environmental Minister Gila Gamliel, 9 ships are under investigation, he said.

The Israeli government is considering legal action to recover millions of dollars in compensation.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also visited one of the beaches hit by tar and conducted an investigation into the damage.

A 17-meter-long Finnish whale was shot dead on a beach in southern Israel on Thursday.

The Israeli Department of Nature and Parks said it had discovered a black oil-based liquid in the whale’s autopsy.

However, an official said it was too early to say whether the liquid found in the whale came from the same source as the tar that hit the beach.

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