Pizza custom sex toy gift

A pizza chain in New Zealand has hired an erotic store Valentine’s Dayalso launched an interesting campaign.

Hell Pizza with Adult Toy Megastore (ATMS), a sex toy store, is shipping an erotic toy known as a “lead vibrator” along with pizza orders.

Customers who confirm that they are over 18 years old can add a vibrator to their orders when buying double pizza through the Hell Pizza application.

“As the number of people spending time at home increases, the campaign offers an entertaining and fun way for adults to celebrate just about modern Valentine’s Day,” the ATMS said in a statement.

In addition, the statement said that the pizza company is trying to reach adults directly in digital marketing and is a carefully selected online platform to ensure that campaign information is not shared with people under the age of 18.

4,500 vibrators will be provided as part of the limited stock campaign.

According to Pizza, a survey by ATMS found that half of New Zealanders buy sex toys, 41 percent of them men and 45 percent women.

Hell Pizza also had other controversial campaigns.

In 2006, the company added a condom to its campaign brochures to promote its new pizza lust, and put it in the mailboxes of many people’s homes.

New Zealanders are worried about the campaign with at least 600 complaints about the company.

In 2019, it turned out that the pizzas that the company claimed to have meatballs made from animal meat actually used vegetarian ingredients, and the Trade Commission warned that the company was violating the law.

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