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Police in the Netherlands have protested racist remarks about Turkish youths killed

In the Netherlands, Rotterdam police protested a racist statement by police about the killing of a 16-year-old Turkish girl.

Hundreds of protesters gathered in front of a police station in Marconi Square in Rotterdam, chanting slogans and carrying signs demanding the “expulsion of racist police.”
In a protest organized by the BIJ1 Rotterdam Party, a social media group called for the dismissal of police officers who used discrimination against minorities, immigrants and Africans in connection with the death of a 16-year-old man. Humeira E is in the social media group.
Demonstrators unfurled placards reading “Against Police Violence and Racism” and “You will not talk to racists, you will stop them” and “Denying racism is racism” at the rally, which was also attended by Humeira E’s family and relatives with the Turkish flag. , “Who will protect us against the racist police?”, “Human rights before the police” and “Together against racism”.
The demonstrators observed a minute of silence for Humeira E.
Humeira E, who studied at Rotterdam Designcollege, was killed by her ex-boyfriend on December 16, 2018 while returning from school.
Humeyra E complained to the police about the threat, but the complaint was not considered.
On March 25, Dutch police correspondence on social media groups was published in the media using the phrase “another Turk has been reduced” in connection with the death of Humeira E.
Rotterdam Police Chief Fred Westerbeke said statements made in connection with the death of Humeira E should be condemned and “insulted”, adding that the police were condemned and the investigation against them was continuing.
Westerbeke, on behalf of the police in the organization apologized to the Turkish community and the young girl’s family.
Footage from the protest …

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