Postponement of check submission is provided by law; Cannot be removed in notification or circular form

Criminal lawyer Prof. Ersan SenHe said it was illegal to suspend the implementation of the law on the submission deadline, which caused confusion in check payments. to your news Prof. Dr. Saying that the legal regulation is very open, Shen said that banks will not be able to pay checks according to notifications or circular documents.

Shen said the notice could not go beyond the provisions of the law and the text of the substantiation law.

Prof. Dr. Ersan Sen, the statement of the Ministry of Commerce will not hinder the implementation of the law, he said.

“What is written in the letter of the law is valid,” Sen said. If he says it can’t be done, it won’t be presented. You can interpret it differently and say, “If there’s a return, I can get it here.”

“Even though the text of the law is so clear, banks cannot make payments without the consent of the borrower,” said Shen. the situation is already. “

Stressing that the bank will not be able to take the initiative alone, Shen said, “I repeat, the will of the law cannot be exceeded with a circular statement. The bank will commit a crime of misconduct here, and the situation of misconduct is valid from the point of view of public banks, “he said.

What’s going on?

The postponement of checks until June 1, which coincided with the last day of the presentation period with a full closure between April 30 and May 31, caused chaos in the markets. Markets were literally locked in because banks did not pay checks with existing accounts. On top of that, the Ministry of Commerce stated that the checks corresponding to the last day of the presentation period between April 30, 2021 and May 31, 2021 should be paid to the bank between these dates.

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