Preparations for the Pope have been completed in Iraq

The spiritual leader of the Catholics Pope FrancisPreparations for a historic visit to Iraq tomorrow are over. The capital, Baghdad, and Erbil, the capital of the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government (KRG), were decorated with Vatican flags and papal posters.

Preparations for the historic visit of Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of the Catholics, who is preparing to leave Italy for the first time since the beginning of the epidemic, have been completed.

Iraqi Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmad al-Sahhaf In a written statement, he noted that the Preparatory Commission, which is responsible for coordinating the first and historic visit of the Pope, has completed all preparations. Al-Sahhaf said that the Vatican delegation arrived in Iraq a few days ago to inspect the preparations for the visit, adding that the visit will take place between March 5-8. Al-Sahhaf said that air and land security measures were taken to ensure security during the Pope’s visit, adding that the Pope’s visit would make a great contribution to the development of public peace in the country.

While the pope is expected to visit the capital, Baghdad, and the KRG’s capital, Erbil, the streets and avenues in both cities are decorated with Vatican flags and the pope’s posters. Preparations were completed during the official welcoming ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Baghdad.

“Welcome to the KRG, a symbol of peace and brotherhood,” posters were hung in the streets and avenues of the Christian-populated Ankava region in Erbil.

KRG President Nechirvan is expected to meet with Barzani and other Kurdish officials and travel to Mosul. The Pope, who will visit Mosul, is scheduled to visit the Karakush Church later. (PUA)

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