Protest after allegations of sexual harassment at Science Po in France

Allegations of sexual harassment by students in French schools have shaken the country, students have taken to the streets in many cities, including the capital Paris, to protest the government’s silence on the scandal.

Juliette, a Science Po student in Toulouse, France, one of the country’s most important educational institutions, said she was sexually assaulted in second grade. The scandals that erupted after Julietta made allegations of sexual assault set the country in motion. Students took to the streets in several different cities, especially in the capital, Paris, and protested against the government and school administration for keeping quiet about the scandals.

Feminist dissident Anna toumazou Supported the campaign launched by many students After the students shared the incidents of sexual harassment with the public, an investigation was announced against the schools of Paris, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Lyon, Tours and Bordeaux. The French president, who claims that the work of students, schools and the board of the Interior Ministry is slow Emmanuel Macron and the Minister of the Interior Gerald darmaninHe wanted to resign.

He is one of Macron’s unofficial advisers Alain DuhamelHe resigned when it became known that he had been sexually abused by his twins. While the investigation against Duhamel continues, Frederic mionHe resigned as a result of pressure to take no action against Duhamel and to hide the allegations. (PUA)

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