Protests against the coup in Myanmar will continue; The army said it would respond violently to activists

Opponents of the military coup in Myanmar have said they will continue their protests, but the military has said it will retaliate strongly against activists. Speaking about the planned protests, the junta said, “Protesters are encouraging people, especially emotional young people, to take a path that will lead to the loss of their lives.”

According to The Guardian, the protesters will continue their anti-coup protests in Myanmar this week and made a statement on a state channel after accusing the protesters of spreading “rebellion and anarchy”.

A statement from the Council of State, which is the official name of the junta, said: “Protesters are encouraging people, especially emotional young people, to take a path of confrontation that will cost them their lives.”

The protesters compared today’s planned protests to August 8, 1988, recalling the military’s violent response to the pro-democracy movement at the time.

Military coup in Myanmar

Tensions have risen in recent weeks in Myanmar following allegations of vote manipulation in the November 8, 2020 election. Following the pro-military demonstrations, the General Staff called on the government to clarify allegations of election manipulation on 28 January.

Myanmar’s military seized power on February 1, a state of emergency was declared, President Win Myint, the country’s foreign minister and de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi, and leaders of the ruling National Democratic Union (NLD) were taken into custody.

Three people have been killed in weeks of anti-coup protests.

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