Putin and Biden should sit at the table

To Russia’s Interfax news agency to speak “I believe that presidents (Putin and Biden) must meet. (The 40th President of the United States) The experience I have gained from my relationship with Ronald Reagan is extremely conservative before our meetings,” Gorbachev said. but after understanding the issue, he became a fairly active participant in the negotiation process, “he said.

Gorbachev used the following expressions:

“Experience shows that these meetings and agreements are necessary, and the most important thing is to avoid being stubborn to each other. It is clear that nuclear war must be prevented. It is impossible to prevent and solve this problem alone. Putin and Biden must come together and everyone must deal with the situation. “

“The parties must move forward and move forward”

“Russia and the United States have a great deal of experience in answering the question of where and how to go,” Gorbachev said.

“There are no hopeless politicians,” said the former Soviet leader, “Of course there are plans like gangsters stretching and of course nothing can be done about them, but they are not a majority. The parties must act against each other to move forward.”

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