Recent developments in the local vaccine; When will Turkey get its vaccine?

Nobel Medicine New Product Evaluation Director, one of the companies to produce the first local vaccine in Turkey Dr. Hasan Ersin Zeytin described the final stage of local vaccination.

Nobel Director of Biotechnology and New Product Evaluation Dr. Hasan Ersin Zeytin, Bioprocess Supervisor Can Unlusoy, journalist Serhat AyanTechnologist and author of T24 is also a guest in the Technopolitik publication Füsun Sarp Nebil ‘They were guests. The guests talked about biotechnology, similar drugs and the final stage of local vaccination in Turkey.

Dr. describing the developments and the state of affairs in the production of local vaccines. Hasan Ersin Zeytin said that they plan to release the local vaccine in January 2022.

50 million doses per year

Stating that the vaccination projects implemented with the support of TUBITAK and the Ministry of Industry and Technology have no financial problems, Zeytin said that the ministry and TUBITAK supported all stages of the project from the very beginning.

Stating that they can produce 50 million doses of vaccine every year, Dr. Olive, the vaccine to be produced will have storage conditions between 2 and 8 degrees, stating, “We think our vaccine is a good vaccine,” he said.

“Vaccine manufacturers can get into a throat in equipment and supplies”

Pointing out that there are problems with the supply of equipment and materials used in the production of vaccines from abroad. Stating that this problem exists all over the world, Zeytin said, “We still have external dependence on materials and equipment. In general, all vaccine manufacturers may be short of equipment and supplies, ”he said.

“We think that at least 2-3 doses a year will not be given,” said Zeytin, who said the vaccination was ongoing and that the vaccine could be launched in early 2022 if there was no delay.

The question of vaccination ownership

Dr. noted that scientists from METU and Bilkent universities also participate in their projects. Hasan Ersin Zeytin said, “We are one of the few companies that can develop this vaccine as quickly as human resources and equipment. What was important was to overcome the difficulties in the development of technology between industry and the university. I think this is the greatest success. ”

Stating that Phase 1 work is underway, Hasan Ersin Zeytin said about the ownership of the vaccine, “These are personal things, but it is clear that these projects are supported by TUBITAK and the Ministry of Health. Government agencies can give their rights abroad, but on the other hand, the value of the views of our teachers on this issue must be assessed. We have stopped the production of cancer drugs, we are only interested in it. “I see no reason why the Nobel Prize should not be awarded if his rights are guaranteed in some way,” he said.

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