Rising food prices in Sudan have led to violent action; A state of emergency has been declared in seven regions

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Seven regions of Sudan have declared a state of emergency following violent protests against rising food prices. After the looting and burning of buildings, curfews were imposed in a total of 10 cities.

According to The Guardian, citizens took to the streets to take action in response to rising food prices in 10 cities in seven regions of Sudan. A state of emergency has been declared in Sudan’s poor areas after buildings were looted, looted and food was collected from markets during protests.

Millions of people in Sudan live in the shadow of growing housing and economic problems. The Sudanese pound fell from 260 pounds to 351 pounds against the dollar. The annual inflation rate was 254 percent in November and 269 percent in December.

An organization called the “Famine Early Warning Systems Network” has warned that food security could reach crisis levels in various parts of Sudan. In Sudan, where bread prices are rising rapidly, the price of subsidized bread has risen from £ 2 to £ 5, and the price without subsidies has risen to £ 20.

The joint military-civilian government claimed that supporters of former Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir were behind the expected measures against the food crisis.

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