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Rock danger in Assos: will remain closed for 500 days

In the Ayvacik district of Canakkale, Assos, which has hosted many cultures for centuries and receives thousands of tourists every year in hotels and restaurants, large rocks on the slope of the road leading to the ancient port began to pose a threat. tourist facilities and recreation. In 2015, large rocks collapsed on the roof of an object and on the road leading down to the port last October. According to the AFAD report, work will begin to remove the rocks that pose a threat to Assos, and tourism facilities will remain closed until the work is completed.

Structure BC. The village of Assos, or Behram, has hosted hundreds of thousands of visitors each year since 2000, with its ancient port, Athena Temple, amphitheater, historic mosque, bridge, castle, stone houses, hotels and restaurants.
The ancient port of Assos, where vacationers travel from the modern era, has recently faced a great danger.
Rocks and rock fragments on the slope on the left side of the road to the ancient port began to fall due to earthquakes and natural conditions.
First, in 2015, large pieces of rock that hit the roof of a tourist facility and set off in October last year were set in motion by AFAD officials. Forgiveness prepared a report on the danger after nearly a year of research.
The report was submitted to the Çanakkale Governor’s Office. According to the AFAD report, the relevant government agencies have taken action to address the threat posed by Assos.
Canakkale Governor Ilhami Aktas held a meeting with tourism facility operators in the Ancient Port of Assos and gave information about the report and the project prepared.
Prevention of rock fall in the Assad Ancient Port, prepared by AFAD for rock throwing, has been approved by the Regional Heritage Preservation Board.
It is planned to complete the work within 500 days, which is expected to start as soon as possible during the allocation of benefits and the tender process.
Dangerous rocks will be torn to pieces and removed. By placing a steel net on the slope, the pieces of stone will be prevented from falling.
Until the end of the work, a total of 19 businesses, including a hotel, hostel, camp, restaurant, buffet, tea garden and ice cream shop, will remain closed in the Ancient Port of Assos.
Tahir Senavcu, who runs a restaurant in the ancient port of Assos, said, “According to a report prepared by the Forgiving Provincial Directorate, the rocks on the slope are dangerous and businesses will be closed for 500 days. The investigation will be conducted in nine parts. During the winter months, when it rains and snows, small pieces of rock usually come down the slope. “
“We are not against doing this anyway,” Senavcu said. We are also aware of the danger. We did not face the danger of falling rocks or stone fragments during the summer months. There is such a danger in winter. Due to the lack of season in winter, there are no customers in the enterprises. “We think it would be more appropriate to do this in the winter.”

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