Russia invites ambassadors of four countries to the Russian Foreign Ministry

Russia The Foreign Ministry said that the ambassadors of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Slovakia, who expelled Russian diplomats from their countries, had been summoned to the Foreign Ministry.

Following tensions between the Czech Republic and Russia, Slovakia announced on April 22, 3 Russian diplomats, Latvia and Estonia from the Baltic states, 1 Russian diplomat each, and Lithuania 2 Russian diplomats, and were deported on April 23.

What’s going on?

The Czech Republic has decided to deport 18 Russian diplomats on Saturday, April 17, in connection with their involvement in the 2014 explosion of an ammunition depot in the town of Vrbietiec that killed two people. Russia expelled 20 Czech diplomats in the face of the Czech decision. Tensions between the two countries were also reflected in trade relations, and the Czech Minister of Industry and Trade Karel Havlicek announced that Russia’s nuclear energy company Rosatom will be removed from the list of companies to participate in the construction of a new unit. Dukovany nuclear power plant. Czech Interior Minister Jan Hamacek also said they had given up the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine they wanted to buy from Russia.

Czech Foreign Minister Jakub Kulhanek, who issued an ultimatum to Russia, has issued an ultimatum to Russia that more deported Czech diplomats will be deported if 18 deported Czech diplomats are not allowed to return to Moscow.

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