Russia’s response to Canadian sanctions: Internal interference

Canada ‘9 against Russian officials. RussiaThere was a reaction from the Canadian embassy. “We condemn Canada’s imposition of sanctions against Russia, which are completely illegal under international law,” the embassy said.

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The Canadian Foreign Ministry said it had imposed sanctions on nine Russian officials for “massive and systematic human rights abuses in Russia” and accused the sanctions of “attempted murder” and the arrest of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. and pressure on protesters.

Russia’s ambassador to Otto has reacted to Canada’s decision to impose sanctions. Criticizing Canada’s decision to impose sanctions on Russia, the embassy said, “We condemn Canada’s imposition of sanctions on Russia, which is completely illegal under international law.”

The embassy said it would take Canada’s sanctions seriously and that Canada’s decision to impose sanctions on Russia through Navalny was seen as interference in Russia’s internal affairs. “Attempts to interfere in our internal affairs and give a distorted view of reality are doomed to failure,” the embassy said.

The embassy also argued that sanctions imposed because of Navalny had a negative impact on relations between the two countries, and said that these decisions were detrimental to bilateral relations.

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