Safiye Ali Doodle, by Huseyin Sonmezay Bigumigu

Google is developing doodles to celebrate important days and anniversaries and to commemorate famous artists, researchers and scientists. To date, it has created more than four thousand doodles around the world for its homepage. We highlighted the Google doodler in Turkey, the homepage and drafts in the history of the series we are associated with, and gave the place of Oguz Atay, who prepared it at the age of 86, to the Enes dirige artists who doodled it.

Turkey’s first female doctor Safiye Ali 127. A special doodle

This time in our series of Doodles and Illustrators there is a doodle made for Safiye Ali’s 127th birthday. Turkey’s first female doctor and medical education at that time gave the first woman Safiye Ali, but also represented people who have medical congresses in our country abroad. He is studying in Germany. She is known in Turkey for her work on maternal and child health. Conducts research to prevent infant mortality caused by malnutrition. At the same time, she was fighting for the right of Turkish women to be elected.

Doodle maker Safia Ali, an important figure in the history of the Republic of Turkey, Huseyin Sonmezay is an illustrator. Below you can find our interview with the artist about Safiye Ali doodle. In addition to this interview, which touches on the details of Doodle, we will also broadcast it live on Bigumigu’s Instagram account. Artist Huseyin Sonmezay and Bigumigu co-founder and editor-in-chief Yalcin Pembecioglu will meet live on Tuesday, February 2 at 20:00 to talk about Hussein Sonmezay’s drawings and sketches. Read well!

Huseyin Sonmezay conducts extensive research for Safiye Ali’s doodle

Where did you get the inspiration to draw a doodle about Safiye Ali? Did you know about his life and previous actions, or did you go through an in-depth research process with this Doodle project?

Frankly, I didn’t know much. I did detailed research with the project. Along with his biography, I read other articles about him. During the pandemic process that is affecting the world today, Safiye Ali, like health workers who work with heart and soul, is a person who fought on the fronts in a real war and achieved success that will change the course of history for children and women. .

safiye ali

Can you tell us a little bit about the design process? Did you have to try different alternatives when designing a doodle? How many different designs did you focus on? How did you choose?

Before I start sketching, I mentioned the details I can read and use in the design to get to know Safiye Ali. Although there are many articles about Safiye Ali, I was able to visually find only a few old photos. There are also very few pictures from that period. The importance of photography in terms of celebrating history and creating visual memory is once again seen. First, Safiye and I made three different sketches in the foreground in a hospital or hospital-like setting. In the background were shakes, serums and various medicine bottles. However, thinking that these elements would not reflect the period, I decided to take a slightly different path. In cases where there is little visual reference, creating a different concept from a person’s life using some details may be an alternative solution. Since there are so few photos, I tried to take photos from Safiye Ali’s life. That’s why I reconstructed the concept through “old photos”.

Praise for Safiye Ali’s medals

We see a section similar to 6 different pages in Doodle. What did you pay attention to in the color and design choices here? What did you want to emphasize?

Doodle consists of six parts. Each section, along with details, represents the letters and colors in the Google logo. The picture to the left of Safiye Ali’s portrait is a photo from her medical school years … She was probably reading until the morning. One of the main conditions of the table is a table lamp in the form of the letter “he” and at the same time a medical book. On the right are the most commonly used medical devices from the beginning of his career.

safiye ali

Safiye Ali, who lived in the last period of the Ottoman Empire, and the Republic of Turkey witnessed for the first time. At the same time, Turkey’s first female doctor gave medical education to the first woman and the person representing the medical congress in Turkey abroad. Did you add details to highlight this situation in Doodle? If so, what are they?

Safiye Ali also resists the notion of the time and ensures that women are admitted to medical school. He was awarded many medals for his outstanding efforts in the country and abroad. I chose to use these medals in my portrait in Doodle.

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