Scientists have managed to establish a wireless connection between the human brain and the computer

For the first time, scientists have been able to establish a fully functional wireless connection between the human brain and a computer. This development could be a “turning point” for people with reduced motor and sensory functions.

In an experiment at Brown University, two participants transmitted commands to a computer over a 24-hour wireless connection using BrainGate technology. The signals from the two men’s brains were transmitted wirelessly to a computer with ‘single neuron resolution and full bandwidth accuracy’ via a transmitter above their heads.

Two participants, aged 35 and 63, were paralyzed due to spinal cord injury. The two participants were able to use the wireless system at home 24 hours a day. When the connection is established, the two participants can make internet calls and use various phone applications.

The wireless process could be a “turning point” for paralyzed people.

From the research group John Simeral, “We have demonstrated that wireless systems can work as wired cables, which are considered the best performance. Signals are recorded and transmitted with almost the same accuracy as wired equipment. The only difference from previous research is that people do not need to connect more cables. .

BrainGate technology uses computer technology to restore communication and mobility to people with paralysis.

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