Seven people have been infected with bird flu in Russia

President of the Russian Agency for Human Health and Consumer Protection (Rospotrebnadzor) Anna Popova, He said seven people working at a poultry factory in the south of the country had the H5N8 bird flu. These are the first cases of H5N8 bird flu in humans.

According to Sputnik Turk; Speaking on Russia 24 television, Popova said: “I want to talk about an important scientific discovery made by scientists at the Vector Science Center.” For the first time in the laboratory, the H1N8 bird flu virus has been confirmed to infect humans. “

According to Popova, scientists have found genetic material related to bird flu in seven people working on a poultry farm in southern Russia. The disease was found in December 2020 among the animals in the factory. “The seven people I mentioned are feeling well, the clinical process has been very light,” he said.

This was the first case of human-to-human transmission of H5N8 bird flu, but human-to-human transmission has not yet occurred. “Detecting these changes before a virus acquires a human-to-human trait always allows us to prepare the whole world for possible changes and to respond to them in a timely and needed manner,” Popova said.

Anna Popova said that the information was passed to the World Health Organization after the incidents, “The information about the world’s first human flu A (H5N8) incident was sent to the World Health Organization. These results were sent immediately, within a few days after verifying the test results.

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