Severe criticism of the Bosphorus administration from the German university

Carl von Ossietzky University, a partner of Bogazici University in Germany, has made serious allegations against the Bogazici administration.

The University Senate in Oldenberg said there was great pressure and threats against critical students and academics in the Bosphorus, adding that “the news of existing practices at the Bosphorus University, which is part of our university, has saddened and disturbed us for years under the Erasmus program.”

“Horror environment”

The statement said that students and teachers at Bogazici University were facing unfounded police and criminal action on campus, and that freedom of expression and critical voices were suppressed in a climate of fear.

The Senate of the University of Carl von Ossietzky said, “Academic freedom at our partner university is seriously threatened and abolished. Free scientific activity is thus deprived of its basic conditions.”

“Erasmus program stops”

Noting that Bogazici University “witnessed repressive practices that have reached a new peak in universities in Turkey in recent years” in recent events, the Senate said, in this case, the Erasmus program is reflected, students and academic exchange programs will be suspended.

The senator’s statement from the Turkish authorities called on Bogaz University to do everything possible to re-establish and strengthen academic freedom. “Universities are environments for expression, criticism and exchange of ideas. Science is only possible in this way,” the statement said.

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