Skinny Zombie Frank Pringles Pursuit

How likely is it that a zombie character jumping out of the game will go crazy looking for Pringles? This becomes a reality when a zombie character named Frank appears on a computer screen during a live broadcast on Twitch. As part of a long-standing partnership between Microsoft Xbox and Pringles, West of the Dead zombie Frank, published in a campaign by Raw Fuey, crosses boundaries and leaves the game to enjoy Pringles.

Frank interacts with the players

Presentation of the Greitch-signed campaign in the UK, Twitch streamer Leahviathan. It happened during a live broadcast of the game West of Dead, published by Raw Fuey. During the game, Frank approached the computer screen and went to the real world to enjoy Pringles. About 21 thousand people watched the broadcast live. After the broadcast, the number of views on the program Twitch exceeded 780 thousand.

Gray, who wants to dominate the game itself, creates a world where Twitch and the game world can interact with the game itself by breaking new ground. Frank is now in touch with game fans on Pringles UK and RawFury’s Twitter accounts. After about two weeks of practice, Frank Pringles returns to the game as a character who eats and continues to interact with players throughout the game.

Off-game zombie adventures

Frank lives in the real world and is featured in many commercials. While trying to reach the Pringles boxes in a commercial shot by production company Hunky Dory & Missing Pieces by Conor Byrne, Frank tries different ways and sometimes needs the help of a playmate.

Customer: Kellogg’s (Pringles)
Partner: Raw Fury, Xbox
Agency: Gray
CCO: Laura Jordan Bambach
Creative director: Pedro Rosa, Roberto Kilciauskas
Creators: Terry O’Neill, Angela Harding
Strategy: Lee Barber and Gil Caldwell-Dunn
Agency producers: Michelle Kasper, Greg Kates
Film Production Company: Hunky Dory & Missing Pieces
Director: Conor Byrne
Producer: Doochy Moult & Tyler Byrne
Executive Producer: John Dory
DOP: Andrij Parekh
Edited by Matthew Felstead
VFX: Mark Beardall / Gramercy Park Studios
VFX Artist: Eileen Chan, Stephanie Mills
Production (Twitch): Mill +
Executive Producer: Dougal Meese
Director: Jessica Bishopp, Alfie Johnson
Media Agency: Carat

Visual: YouTube

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