Smart glasses expression from Facebook: We are reviewing facial recognition technology

Andrew Bosworth, head of augmented reality and virtual reality at Facebook, recently held a Q&A session on Instagram.


CNBC’s “Does Facebook Think About Face Recognition Technology in Smart Glasses?” According to a report by Bosworth, to the question, “We’re looking at this,” “We really need to discuss this with the people. If people don’t want it,” technology, we don’t need to do that. People will want and will be comfortable. “If anything, there are good uses. It will be great in both cases, regardless of the glasses.”

In a security question from one of the participants, Bosworth stressed that a camera and microphone with face recognition technology can always cause ethical problems and can be abused.

“What are the ways to prevent the abuse of facial recognition technology, and are they adequate?” He said they often asked themselves questions.


According to the report, while working with Luxottica, owner of the Ray-Ban eyewear brand on Facebook facial recognition technology, the partnership was announced in September 2020. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “Combining the best technology with the best glasses then I realized that they were the right partner to bring them. ”

Noting that they continue to work with Ray-Ban owner Luxottica, Bosworth said, “We work hard with our partner Luxotica to make sure the form factor is right, the functionality is good, the technology and the glasses are well combined. Bosworth said.

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