Social media platform Twitter will determine its representatives in Turkey

Sayan, Yaay, who is going to share Twitter and local social media applications, said that the source was to appoint representatives of Twitter social network providers with more than 1 million daily access to Turkey from abroad, “Twitter was sanctioned in 7253 to reduce Internet traffic bandwidth ‘ It is a pleasure to announce that the law will fulfill its obligations. “

Sayan, who recalled the entry into force of Article 4 of the Law No. 5651 of a representative in Turkey, which exceeded the threshold of 1 million access to social networks belonging to Turkey abroad, said:

“No representative of our country outside Pinterest was a social network provider by a staff decision announced by Twitter. We are closely following the work of Pinterest for the delegation. To be a representative of social networks in Turkey, non-contact citizens. We are very important in terms of eliminating exploitation. “

Sayan reminded that VK was the first platform to remind Turkey’s direct staff of YouTube for not being sanctioned, TikTok and Facebook said that other whites, including them, appointed a representative after the administrative fines.

Sayan noted that Twitter, Periscope and Pinterest, which did not notify a representative, were “banned from advertising” as required by law in January 2021, and used the following expressions:

“The next step was to reduce the bandwidth of Internet traffic. We welcome Twitter’s decision to appoint a representative. I thank our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for pioneering one of the most comprehensive rules in the world. Social networks. We will continue to work with Turkey and digital vision.”

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