Spotify announces new features

Popular music application Spotify has announced new features to be added to the ‘Library’ section. New features will be added to Android and iOS devices next week that will allow users to view both their music and podcasts together.

With the changes, Spotify aims to make it easier for music lovers to discover their collections and access their recorded music and podcasts more easily. According to the company, you will now be able to explore faster and get all the features you need in one place.

New arrival features

According to an official statement from Spotify, the highlights of the updated ‘Library’ badge are:

-It’s a simple way to view and search your entire collection (both music and podcasts).

-New dynamic filters to help you look at this collection. You can choose from an album, artist, playlist, or podcast to see what you’ve saved and relevant content. Then, if you’re on the go, just tap the ‘Downloads’ filter to see all your content offline at once.

-Good sorting options. You can see the content in alphabetical order, by playing the last one, or by the name of the creator.

-Great control and easier access to what you listen to the most. You can close up to four playlists, albums or podcasts for instant access. Drag these items to the right to see the ‘Pin’ option.

-You can use the new ‘Grid’ view to view your album, playlist and podcast covers in a more comprehensive way and to sort your favorite content in a more visible way.

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