Supermarket in Hungary helps customers find love on the eve of Valentine’s Day

A supermarket in Hungary is aiming to offer partners looking for a partner with shopping baskets reserved for “singles” at the beginning of Valentine’s Day, which will be celebrated on Sunday.

Customers entering the Auchan store in Csomor, east of the capital Budapest, can choose a basket with a blue or pink label with the word “single looking” on it.

On the board at the top of the basket stack, “Are you single? Use the singles baskets to meet your” second half “at your favorite store.

“This is a great idea in the age of the coronavirus. It’s an opportunity for those looking for a partner, and it’s fun and funny at the same time,” Csilla Beres, a 25-year-old client, told the French news agency AFP.

“Let’s see what happens and give it a try, we won’t miss the opportunity,” said 25-year-old Tamas as he walked into the store with his basket.

The staff decided that it could be liked by single clients with limited access to dating due to coronavirus control rules such as social distance and masks.

“Of course, we also note that they can meet in accordance with epidemiological rules,” said Ildiko Varga-Futo, one of the supermarket managers.

After his success at Csomor, the manager said similar baskets would be used at other Auchan stores in Hungary on Valentine’s Day.

“I don’t think anyone has heard of such baskets here,” Annamaria, a 40-year-old customer, told AFP as she left the supermarket.

“It didn’t work this time, but I’ll try again next time.”

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