The arrested woman activist Hazlul was released in Saudi Arabia

Leading women’s rights activist in Saudi Arabia Luceyn El Hazlul He was released after about 3 years in prison.

A statement made by the family of Luceyn Hazlul, who was detained in Saudi Arabia in May 2018 and sentenced to 6 years in prison in December 2018, Hazlul was released after nearly 3 years in prison.

Hazlul’s sister shared a photo of the female activist on her social media account, saying “Luceyn is at home.”

Hazlul’s other sister, Alia, wrote on social media that Hazlul was at her family’s home in Saudi Arabia and that “today is the best day of my life.”

UN human rights experts have described the trial of 31-year-old Hazlul as “illegal” under anti-terrorism laws. However, the court suspended Hazlul’s sentence, which he often served, for 2 years and 10 months, and imposed an additional 5-year travel ban.

Hazlul was tortured

Human rights groups and the Hazlul family, campaigning for women to drive and for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to end its male guardianship system, said Hazlul had been subjected to multiple tortures, including electric shocks, pressurized water and interrogation in prisons, flogging and sexual assault.

Saudi Arabia denies allegations of torture

Although Saudi officials have denied the family’s allegations, the family said in a statement yesterday that the appellate court had denied allegations that Hazlul was tortured in prison for sufficient evidence.

Call from Biden to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A statement from the White House in recent weeks said he expected US President Joe Biden to improve the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia, including the release of women’s rights activists and other political prisoners.

Hazlul, who was detained along with many other women’s rights activists, was convicted of trying to change Saudi Arabia’s political system and harm national unity. A statement from Human Rights Watch described Hazlul’s trial as a “mockery of justice.”

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