The attempt to form an alliance tried to show hostility towards Turkey

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy, Regarding the Friendship Forum in Athens, he said, “It is impossible to establish cooperation in Turkey if there is no forum between Turkey and Cyprus.”

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy, Greece, Egypt, France, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and GCA He made a statement on the “Philia Forum” held in Athens on February 11 with the participation of Foreign Ministers. Turkey’s position in the key countries of Turkey and Cyprus is not in any forum, but in terms of an effective and successful cooperation and friendship test, it is impossible to create a mechanism, he said:

“Attempt to form an alliance shows hostility towards Turkey”

“At the end of a press conference in Greece, the ‘baseless accusations and slanders made against our country by the Foreign Minister of any target country made in this forum, in fact, this initiative is not as’ friendship’, but an alliance based on hostility to Turkey? Criticizing Turkey-based humanitarian and equality in regional politics, taking into account their instability, taking into account their maximalist demands and narrow interests at the expense of Putin, who continues to drive Syria and create corridors of terror, can divide Iraq and its occupation. not. ”

Aksoy stressed that this hostile attitude towards Turkey continues with an international conference in the Eastern Mediterranean, at a time when Turkey is trying to establish a real and comprehensive proposal. Aksoy said the EU was undermining unity efforts for the Mediterranean. “The Greek-Cypriot / Cypriot duo is obstructing the positive agenda for EU candidate countries, threatening peace and stability in our region while trying to build with Turkey in the hope of pursuing policies and seeking help from others. We urge them to be sane and not fall into the trap of others.” . (PUA)

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