The claim that “King Abdullah II of Jordan’s brother is in prison.”

According to a report by the US-based Washington Post, Prince Hamza bin Hussein, the eldest son of King Hussein and brother of King Abdullah II, and 20 others were detained “for threatening the stability of the country.”

The prince was detained at the palace in the capital, Amman, and among those detained were members of the country’s security services.

Jordan’s official PETRA news agency has denied allegations that Prince Hamza has been arrested or placed under house arrest. Earlier, PETRA reported that Ibrahim Avadallah, the former chairman of the Royal Court, and some others had been detained.

The prince was detained at the palace in the capital, Amman, on charges of “attempting a coup” and was among those detained.

Prince Bin Hussein was the crown prince from 1999 to 2004, but was later appointed to the office by El Hussein, the eldest son of King Abdullah II.

Statement from the General Staff

Chief of General Staff of the Jordanian Armed Forces Yusuf al-HunaytiHe said the investigation was ongoing and that some former officials were targeting the country’s security.

Speaking to Petra News Agency, Huneyti denied reports that Prince Hamza bin Hussein, the brother of King Abdullah II of Jordan, had been arrested and held under surveillance at his palace in the capital, Amman, and said he wanted it stopped.

Hunseyti added that several people had been arrested as a result of extensive investigations by the security services.

“Investigations are ongoing. The results will be made public,” Hunseyti said, adding that all measures were taken within the law and that “no one is above the law. Jordan’s security and stability are paramount.”

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