The ECHR is calling for the release of ‘life-threatening’ Russian opposition leader Navalny

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has said that the life of Alexei Navalny, a dissident imprisoned in Russia, is in danger and demanded his “immediate release” with a “temporary measure”.

In a written statement issued today, the court announced its decision to “immediately release the applicant (Navalny), taking into account the nature and extent of the risk to the applicant’s life under the existing general conditions”.

Euronews to your news by; By signing the European Convention on Human Rights, Russia must immediately implement the court’s decision.

The ECtHR’s “temporary measure” came after Navalny’s release on January 20.

In a motion to the ECHR, Navalny said Russia could not “provide sufficient guarantees for his life and health” during his detention.

The Russian government claims that Navalny’s arrest was used by ‘some forces’ against Russia.

Russia’s reaction to the countries that made Navalny’s statements

President of Russia Vladimir PutinNavalny, who opposed him, was treated in Germany after being poisoned. Protests erupted in the country when Navalny was arrested after returning to Russia after treatment.

As the protests grew rapidly, many provinces demanded Navalny’s release as soon as possible. While the United States was at the forefront of these countries, Russia reacted to European countries on this issue.

Diplomats from Germany, Sweden and Poland condemned Navalny’s imprisonment and were expelled.

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