The EU accuses Apple of competition rules

At a press conference in Brussels, EU Commission Vice President Margrethe Vestager said an official “statement of protest” had been sent to Apple for violating competition rules.

“Mobile devices and apps are a part of life today,” Vestager said. “The number of these apps has increased, but there are only two major app stores, the App Store and Google Play.”

Vestager explained that apps can be downloaded to Apple devices from the App Store, and that Google Play is not an effective alternative for Apple device owners.

Noting that music apps have to go to the App Store to reach Apple users and accept Apple’s “rules,” Vestager said Apple has significant market power and is abusing its dominant position in the flow of music data. applications.

Vestager recalled that Apple not only controls apps, but also competes with Apple Music, which has other similar apps.

Use a mandatory system to retrieve digital content

Noting that Apple uses a mandatory system to purchase digital content, Vestager said, “Apple charges a 30 percent commission on all purchases in the system. That means you can’t subscribe to Apple without paying music streaming providers.” he said.

Vestager said that the price in question was reflected to users and they determined to increase prices.

Vestager said Apple’s rules restrict those who provide music streaming, adding that music apps will not be able to inform users about cheaper alternatives.

Vestager explained why Apple device users pay high prices for certain music services or can’t subscribe directly.


Recalling that Apple competes with many applications with its own applications, Vestager said that Apple’s rules increase the costs of competitors and reduce the level of profits.

Vestager added that after this stage, Apple must respond to the EU Commission within 12 weeks.

The EU launched an investigation in June last year to determine whether Apple’s payment service and app store complied with competition rules.

The terms of Apple’s App Store applications and the terms of the Apple Pay payment service were to be investigated for violating EU competition rules.

The EU Commission has the authority to examine whether there is an anti-competitive situation in the sectors of companies operating in EU countries.

The commission is examining whether there is an anti-competitive situation in these studies.

The EU Commission puts an end to this situation and imposes heavy fines on companies if they are found to be harmful to competition.


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