The first insect to enter the EU table

European Union (EU) member states have agreed to accept dried yellow mullein larvae as “innovative food”.

Announcing the decision, the European Commission said, “The use of insects as an alternative protein source is not a new situation. In many parts of the world, insects are regularly eaten.”

The European Commission said that yellow mullein larvae should be evaluated in this context when used as a food product, and warned that people with allergies to shellfish or dust should be careful about its possible effects.

Eating worm larvae; Can be used in the preparation of hamburgers, biscuits or protein drinks.

11 more insects on the line

The commission said there were currently 11 more insect-related applications. The commission said that the question of whether these insects were included in the “innovative food” was assessed by the European Food Safety Organization (EFSA) within the EU.

EFSA said last January that it was safe to defeat the yellow mullein larva. The researchers said the larvae could be consumed both in dried form and in powder form, or used in other foods.

The European Commission has announced that a decision on yellow larvae is expected to be made in the coming weeks. For the first time, the EU will accept an insect as food. The European Commission has warned that insect consumption is possible in some member states in the past, but this was before an update to EU rules in 2018 that tied all insect consumption to Brussels’ approval.

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