The human brain may be better than the trend in stock market forecasting

Neurologists have studied the predictability of the human brain’s stock market. One study found that the human brain could give more “error-free” results than predictions by examining stock market prediction trends.

The Guardian As quoted, In a study published in the medical journal of the Neuroscience, brain activity was studied before people made investment activities. The data collected showed that brain activity could be more effective than studying market trends in advance of stock price changes.

From Stanford University Brian knutson and the group had previously investigated the ability of a group of people to predict which videos would be “viral” for average brain activity. The same team adapted the principles of this method to the stock market.

Researchers asked a group of volunteers to study the price trends of stocks from 2015 to date and predict whether prices will rise or fall. Functional magnetic resonance imaging (functional MRI) was used to investigate the activity of volunteers in two regions of the brain. One of the areas studied was the ‘Nucleus accumbens’, known as the brain’s reward center, and the other was the area associated with anxiety and risk aversion. “Old research has shown that these two regions work together when people make risky choices,” Knutson said.

The team, which studied the average brain activity of volunteers, said it could predict that the brain risk center was changing the direction of the price of a portion, and that the forecast was “more accurate” than the volunteers had predicted by examining past trends.

“This research raises many interesting questions. For example, ‘Is there any secret information we can use in our brains?’ Or are some people’s brain signals better than others? “Another question is,‘ Can people reach what’s going on in their brains? ? ‘he said.

Knutson knows that in real life, forecasts are more complex than laboratory tests, but in the future, financial institutions may begin working with neurologists.

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