The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that there is an Ottoman cemetery in Greece and has begun initiatives

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Greece Halkidiki He made a statement to the Greek authorities regarding the negotiations on the Ottoman cemetery found during construction excavations in the province. “In accordance with our religious beliefs and ceremonies, they were asked to show that they were buried in the area where they were and that the place of burial was a Muslim cemetery,” the ministry said in a statement.

A statement from the Foreign Ministry said:

“According to media reports, an Ottoman-era Muslim cemetery was found during the construction of a gymnasium in the school garden of Gargara village in Halkidiki, Greece. The Thessaloniki Consulate General visited the village and asked for information. Local Greek authorities.

As a result of these initiatives, it was learned that 201 graves belonging to our ancestors were found in the construction site, but the bodies were kept by the local authorities in the Halkidiki and Aynaroz Antiques Department without informing our country.

After receiving this information, the Greek ambassador to Ankara was invited to our Ministry today and attempted by our ambassador to Athens by the Greek Foreign Ministry.

In these attempts, an explanation was requested regarding the fact that our country had not been previously informed about the graves, the immediate cessation of construction work, and the burial and display of protected bodies in a ceremony in accordance with our religious beliefs. where the burial place is a Muslim cemetery.

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