The report on the “Rwandan genocide” was published in France: the preparations for the genocide were turned a blind eye

President of France Emmanuel MacronThe commission of historians, established by the order of 15 historians, has completed and submitted its report on the Rwandan genocide. France has a heavy responsibility for the 1994 genocide and the preparations for the massacres. “blind“The rest of the commission concluded that there was no evidence that France was involved in the genocide.

François MitterandThe genocide in Rwanda during the presidency of the republic killed about 800,000 people, most of whom belonged to the Tutsi minority. France has been accused of not doing enough to stop the genocide and even collaborating.

“Preparations were blind”

In the report “Is France a collaborator in the Tutsi genocide? At this point, the desire to participate in the genocide is implied. We could not find any information in this direction in the archives we searched. However, France has long been closely associated with a regime that promotes racist massacres. The most radical elements of this regime turn a blind eye to the preparations for genocide“statements were included.

Genocide, the president of the Hutu tribe, which has close ties to France Juvenal Habyarimana‘s plane was shot in April 1994 and lasted until July.

The genocide is the former Tutsi militia, which has been president since 2000. Paul Kagame During this period, the two countries continued to be the subject of discussion. Question marks in military operation in the report Mitterrand leadership to President Habyariman “An ally of the Hutu tribe against the enemies of Tutsi, supported by UgandaIt was noted that France’s proposal for military intervention came at a very late stage at a time when it was no longer possible to stop the genocide.

Commission of Historians, a number of French “serious and great“He concluded that he had taken responsibility. France was launched in July 1994 by a United Nations (UN) decision.”Turquoise operationHowever, as part of the operation, he was accused of supporting the Hutu leadership, which actually carried out the genocide, and helping the genocide suspects to flee the country.

“France protected criminals”

The commission of historians referring to these accusations “The killers, also the epicenter of the genocide, found a safe haven in an area created by French soldiers in the west of the country, and French political officials refused to arrest them.“She is OK.

The socialist Mitterrand leadership was also concerned about the spread of British influence in French-speaking Africa through the Rwandan Popular Front, led by Kagame and Uganda.

In the report, decision-makers in France came to understand the influence of colonialism.racist, perverted and cruel“It is said that he supports a regime. President Mitterrand has a strong, private and direct relationship with the President of Rwanda.

Macron is pleased with the report

Macron, who ordered the commission to be set up in May 2019, said in a statement after the presentation of the results that he welcomed the report and noted that the report was a significant step forward in understanding France’s role in Rwanda in 1990. and 1994.

A statement from the presidency said the report was between France and Rwanda.It will not return“There were hopes that it would lead to a reconciliation process.

Macron said he wanted to go to Rwanda this year. France is also under criticism for torture, massacres and atrocities by French troops in its former colony of Algeria.

President Emmanuel Macron has refused to formally apologize for France’s application in Algeria.

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