The SCT of alcohol from only 5 provinces is 14.4 billion liras.

Minister of Finance and Treasury leaves unanswered questions about annual alcohol consumption and alcohol imports in Turkey Lutfi ElvanAccording to the information provided by; In terms of SCT collection of alcoholic beverages in 2019, Istanbul ranks first with 8 billion 265 million 152 thousand 582 pounds. Istanbul 4 billion 332 million 112 thousand 752 TL with Izmir, 1 billion 471 million 869 thousand 935 pounds with Mersin, 208 million 318 thousand 18 pounds with Denizli and 168 million 341 thousand 750 pounds with Manisa. Thus, the amount of OCT received from the first five provinces reaches 14.4 billion.

Treasury and Finance Minister Lutfi Elvan, who shared the first five and last five years of the SCT collection of alcoholic beverages in 2019, said the rankings did not reflect alcohol consumption by provinces. Elvan gave this information:

“From the point of view of the Special Consumer Tax Law No. 4760, the event that caused the tax on alcoholic beverages included in the list (III) attached to this Law, the import of these goods, delivery by manufacturers or sale by auction. For this reason, the rankings in the table do not reflect the consumption of alcoholic beverages by region. “

“All this is to spread taxes and impose harsh taxes.”

CHP Izmir Deputy Atila Sertel said that questions about alcohol consumption and alcohol imports remained unanswered, SCT collection data from alcoholic beverages is important in terms of showing the magnitude of taxes on alcohol and cigarettes.

Sertel said that the Central Bank’s coffers, which depleted foreign exchange reserves, depended on high taxes on alcohol and cars, especially cigarettes, telephones and foodstuffs. SCT of cancer in Turkey has increased by 314 percent in the last 8 years. However, recently, there has been an increase in SCT, as in January. Taxes on alcohol and cigarettes have been so high that people are exposed to moonshine and smuggled cigarettes Dozens of people lost their lives because of the threat to human health due to illegal drinking. They collect all these taxes, but what do they do for the people? They do nothing but persecute the people. They can’t solve any problem. “All this is to spread taxes and impose harsh taxes. “he said.

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