The stock market started the day with a decline, the circuit breaker worked. ECONOMY | DW

After the dismissal of the Governor of the Central Bank of Turkey Naci Shahab Agbal and instead of Kavcioglu’s presentation, the market continues to fluctuate. Borsa Istanbul BIST-100 index began the second day of the week with a loss of 5.39 percent. Bank stocks lost 7.93 percent. Thus, total depreciation exceeded the level of 14.5 percent compared to last Friday’s closing.

Today, as yesterday, a machine gun was used on the stock exchange. The stock, which was temporarily closed for trading, reopened at 10.30.

With the opening of the morning, the 35-part decrease in the BIST-100 Index was said to be over 7 percent. While 90 out of 100 shares lost value, only three shares increased compared to yesterday.

The above rule will apply

Borsa Istanbul said in a statement, a one-day rule will be applied to the stock deed included in the BIST-50 Index. Therefore; For short-selling stocks, a short sale will be made at a price higher than the final transaction price of the capital market instrument that will be subject to the short sale. However, if the final selling price of a short-term capital market instrument is higher than the previous price, the short-selling operation can be made at the final price.


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