The United States has blamed Iranian-backed Shiite militias for attacking Ain al-Assad air base

US Defense Department spokesman John Kirby said the rocket attacks on the Ain al-Assad air base in Iraq, where US troops are based, were the same as before, and pointed to Iranian-backed Shiite militias.

Answering questions at a daily news conference, Kirby said he had information about the attack, saying “10 rockets have been fired so far and all of them have hit the base.”

Kirby said that in response to the attacks, missile, artillery and mortar prevention systems were activated, they could not hit the missiles fired.

Kirby said what was happening in Iraq was alarming, that those responsible for the attack were being investigated and that they did not know which group carried out the attack at this stage.

Asked if the latest rocket attacks were similar to previous ones, Kirby said, “We have seen rocket attacks by Shiite-backed groups before, so this is consistent with previous attacks by Shiite-backed groups.” he said.

Kriby also said that Iran has long supported Shiite groups in various ways, and claimed that the previous administration’s policy of maximum pressure on Iran encouraged Iran even more.

“Relations between Iran and the United States are still tense,” he said. assessment found.

Kirby’s description of Iranian-backed Shiite militias as “Shiite-backed militias” did not go unnoticed.

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