The US Department of Defense has canceled all contracts for the construction of a border wall in Mexico

Deputy Spokesman for the US Department of Defense Jamal BrownThe United States has announced the cancellation of all masonry contracts, using funds earmarked for military missions and functions on the Mexican border.

Former President Donald said after the inauguration of US President Joe Biden Trump He expressed his reaction to the wall being built by the United States on the US-Mexico border and said he would take steps to stop the construction of the wall.

Brown made this statement on the subject:

“According to the US President’s statement, the Department of Defense continues to cancel all border wall construction projects initially funded by funds for schools for military children, naval construction projects in partner countries and other military positions and functions. The National Guard and the Reserve Equipment Account. The Ministry of Defense has begun to take all necessary measures to eliminate border wall projects and coordinate with interdepartmental partners. .

A statement from the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said it would also address some ongoing projects in Texas and California that need attention due to flooding and erosion risks. with a statement from the President to protect border communities while doing so.

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